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    Admin app Format.

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    Admin app Format. Empty Admin app Format.

    Post  (=DM=) DoomBringerDANTE on Fri Nov 12, 2010 2:47 pm

    Please follow this format when applying for admin after fitting these basic qualifications:

    Must be at LEAST 15 years old.
    Must have at LEAST 7.5 hours in the server you are applying for every week. (15 per 2 weeks look on your steam page to see how much you have played)
    Also we highly suggest that you get a mic. If you don't have one it isn't a bare requirement at this point but it is highly suggested and will improve your chances of getting admin.
    To obtain your Steam ID, simply type "Status" in console.

    What server are you applying for:

    Were you recommended by an admin? If so state the name:

    In game name:

    Link to your steam page:

    Steam ID:

    Do you have past admin experience:

    What are some good qualities you possess:

    What country are you from:


    Additional notes:

    When you post an application, it will undergo the following Thread Name Modifications:

    *Being Reviewed* : Means your application is being looked and a decision is being made. Thread is open.

    *Approved* : Means your application has been approved. Thread is locked.

    *Denied* : Means your application has been denied. Thread is locked. If you wish to know the reasons behind your application denial, send a PM to the admin that processed it.

    *Wrong Format* : Means your didn`t follow the required format and the application is therefore void. Thread is locked.

    *Void*: Means that due to some special reason than those above the application is void. Thread is locked.

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